With my project ‘Check Out These 17 Amazing Stories About Grief And Relief, What Happens Next Will Amaze You…‘ I ask what a future without the Internet would bring. Is it a doomsday scenario, or an idealistic world in which we change our pace and engage in more sincere relationships?

As part of my temporary residence for the exhibition Monuments to Peace in the bunker at Het Nieuwe Instituut, I invited guests to speculate about future scenarios. Together with three artists I developed three different scenarios that give a glimpse in this post-apocalyptic world.

You can read the scenarios at





This project is commissioned for the exhibition ‘Monuments to Peace‘ at Het Nieuwe Instituut and curated by Studio Makkink&Bey

Many thanks to Sander Manse, Matthijs Pontier, Tamira Cahana, Giuseppe de Bruyn, Ann Linn Palm Hansen, Jules van den Langenberg, Paul Stümpel, Jason Page and Lichtzwaard